Monday, 21 April 2014

Snask. Easter card. Loved by Snask.

Easter was coming soon and I realized that Snask deserve their Christmas card. As I am still playing around with their studio one fi the meanings candy - I bought this much of pink candy:

Then I sat in studio 3 for two days and build up the prepared poster.

Again it was received really well by Snask which made me really happy. 

Sweet Easter to Snask from GretaMadline on Vimeo.

and even better personal msg:
me: <--- sweet as always Easter cards for SNASK! Have a sweet one! I surely did whiles making this :
Fredrik: Jesus christ! So nice! Happy Easter to you as well. Everyone at SNASK loves you!

I am officially loved by Snask. I am not even sure where this is going anymore. I know I have started and definitely maintained the conversation with them and hopefully I am going to make it into an annual thing. I enjoy doing these small postcards a lot and I will not stop making them.

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