Monday, 21 April 2014

Honesty. Lord Whitney.

I used the same honest approach with Lord Whitney a studio based in Leeds that specialize in prop making and set design. I e-mailed them just asking if they have any spaces available and could I do a placement or come and visit. I did get to visit them and be part of the first meeting of their grand idea to make Leeds into a more cultural and creative environment. We talked about the future of Leeds and there were many very interesting people that came and I decided that I definitely need to do GOLD AGAIN as there was a lot of good reactions about this project. I am happy there is such an amazing group of people in Leeds. And it proved my that there are a lot of honesty and sympathy in ths creative industry an it's not about competition... It's actually the opposite. I think the best people in the industry don't create to compete, they create to make an impact and to make great work that they love. There is no wrong or right approach to anything. There is only the approach that every individual person chooses.

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