Saturday, 29 December 2012


Bought a file folder today for all my papers (I keep loosing them) and apparently it's not A TOY. Ah, damn it, I couldn't way to put it on my head and play around, now I'll need to return it.
(just joking) ;D 

Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Please, click on the picture to view it.

I would gladly do more of graphic design that involves CANDY! (pink candy)

Dear Snask,
I hope You'll read this. There's not so much I could add. BUT (of course
there is always something adding) THANK YOU for the inspiration you gave me
and for the PINK thoughts! 
Hope you have a really great Christmas and 

with Love,

Greta Madline.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


[note] decided to have a calm evening to get my head around the things that are going on. John sent me an e-mail with all these great design studios in Spain so I decided to put them on my wall so everyone else could check them out. It will also be an opportunity to analyse them and decide which one might be suitable for a placement maybe. Well, I still want to go to sweeden, but I have to get some sun so SPAIN! YES! I love sun! <--- I really like this design studio, but it seems they only give 6 month placements asking for strong software skills, which means you'll probably be a tool there. So not too sure. <--- I absolutely love their work. If I'll start looking into motions I will consider this studio as one of where I would love to work. LOVE THE NAME AS WELL!!!

<--- THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Social experiments! OMG! Interacting with people, sounds absolutely amazing!!! I would love to do interactive design, but even more interesting to do social experiments! <--- reached a level of purity that actually scares me. I really like their individualism and consistency in work. It's so clean, colorful and bright. Love it. I wish one day my work could be clean. Sadly it's not right now. And I don't think they would even considering me as their intern or anything.  <----  <--- I must say the website is amazing. I really like their work and their philosophy of design and work. 'Everyone should  send them money'. <--- I really like the philosophy behind this studio. I think they are pretty cool. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

PPP. STUDIO (CALL IT) RESEARCH. <---- This studio is situated in Drasden which apparently is the capital of the Free State of Saxony in Germany (Which I never knew and feel really ashamed of that). Anyways this studio did this amazing branding for Pigmenpol

of course knowing me by now THIS is what garbed my attention. <---- This is the new love of my life (design life) Andrew Kim. <---- A new studio in Paris that Eve recomended to me and I have to admit I love their photography.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


I have no idea who did this, but Tom send it to me. And I'm really glad he did, I really like this idea!I think it works really well with my idea for the responsive brief, probably you are still unaware but from last session with Fred I decided to change my brief and after REALLY long time of searching for the perfect brief I discovered (wasn't really that hard to find) D&AD task set by D&AD itself. "Make Your dream job a reality". I already identified 3 studios that I'm going to apply this brief. I used the other ones as development for PPP. That's why I think it's a win win brief. I'm really UP for doing this, there are so many ideas in my head already.

YES. I'm still working on a DELL not a Mac. Get used to it.

The only problem is that my development work of this brief I'll need to HAND IN IN PAPER format. Luckily enough, the review that I wrote for SNASK 'Maike enemies and gain fans' ended up on one of their event wall posted by the man itself Fredrik Öst.

And today I've had 318 view on my PPP blog. Was quite exiting to see a number like that, usually I never get more than 20 and now 318! amazing, thank You Snask. BUT the point I was trying to make was that SNAS (as everyone knows really well now) is probably (to keep the secret) one of those three studios that I chose and I can't have the chance of them seeing the concept I planned, because it won't be interesting than. So I'll submit that part of work in paper copy and than after 'the plan' is done I'll post it here.

Back to the inspirations/installations/concept

by frederik heyman <----this person is pretty amazing. I really like his absolutely 'out of the world' installations. Such a surreal concept. If you like installations you should check it out.  (thanks to Lizzi that share her discoveries with me)

I'm also thinking to try the
[ what a sick motivation is this, this is what they offer to the people that are chos en.]
If you are selected as one of the 6 participants, it’s time to pack your bags and move to Amsterdam. Wieden+Kennedy will cover the expenses for your travel, provide accommodation for 6 months, and a minimum-wage salary. Additionally, the participants will have a designated space in the office, will be provided with computers and software and will be granted access to Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s facilities (recording spaces, kitchen, gym, art studio, fruits, veggies, garden and loads of coffee).

I'm probably going to use this brief to develop a body of strong work.I still have 6 month of preparation. and this is another good source to look into Jessica Walsh is just amazing!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012


It's official. We are a group:

Mike W.
and me:}

So today I sent everyone an e-mail and hopefully on Thursday we are going to have the FIRST meeting and discuss our crazy ideas in a very sexy environment in DOCK STREET MARKET.

I also set 4 basic tasks so we would have stuff to discuss after all this is a business meting and no one goes to a business meting without doing their research first.

A successful company has to be well thought trough so it needs a little bit of order and loads of  passion 

and yes yes, work! 



Monday, 19 November 2012


The journey trough SNASK'iness.

A FRESH and REVOLUTIONARY take on design (and life)  and a good-read these are  the first things that come to mind after reading this amazing book 'Make Enemies and Gain Fans'. I would say that SNASK have crazy (good) attitude and a will of a thousand Greek men fighting against the Gods for their place on earth. I'm a graphic design student and so it is that we 'read' a lot of design books, but trough two years of 'studying' graphic design I have never discovered anything like this book. I'm glad that that one Autumn day in a small town called Leeds my tutor John Watters and course mate Mike Williams had that discussion about this book and got me into this SNASK'iness. While reading this book I started annoying (in a good way) everyone in the studio about challenging yourself, taking risks, doing what you enjoy and 'pink lies'. One day I even came in wearing PINK just to bring a little bit happiness/positiveness into the studio (so it happens that there were two other girls wearing pink sweaters that day, happy accidents). For all the student that are still looking for a place under the sun I would suggest reading this book. If the 'typical' story line is NOT your cup of tea you might find some inspiration, positiveness and encouragement in this journey of Snask. You also get a peak into the 'behind the scenes' which answers  the BIG question 'So HOW did THEY make it?'. When you put the book down after reading the last chapter you'll find yourself craving for more SNASK (yum). It's like a good romance story about Romeo and Juliet, just Snask and Design without the sad ending.

{ME} just wrote a review on the book 'Make Enemies and Gain Fans' by Snask, hopefully it's going to appear  here:


Thursday, 15 November 2012


Today I started the photo shoot of my 6 installations for print production and as I go along I learned quite a few things. These are the considerations for working in a studio on an installation next time:

  • PLAN EVERYTHING. Even the tiniest detail. 90% of success depends on PLANING
  • SKETCH your ideas out so You can show them to the other people working with You.
  • Lights and Preparation takes way more time than expected. (Plan more days ahead)
  • Have more people in the 'crew' to help out.
  • Think about the lighting before hand
  • Never do an installation on the 'busy' time of the year (before deadlines). Everyone would just be stressing out way too much.
  • ALWAYS have a photographer working with you. You have no damn thing what what does. (Thanks for Holly Peel in 1st year photography for helping me out. I wouldn't have done s**t without her)
  • TAKE A HARD DRIVE TO BACK STUFF UP! (Seems quite legit, but believe me because you are so cough on the 'making' and 'creating' you forget as important stuff as BRINGING IN WHERE TO BACK UP)
  • If anyone agrees to do an installation - make sure you inform them that they are not going to have any physical or psychological rest until the installation is fully complete
  • LEAVE more time for the photo shoot
  • Never do more than 2 installations per day. Less stress - more fun. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012



(still haven't decided)
  • Installations/High Touch Visuals/Sterographics
  • Collaborations with other people
  • Interactive and innovative design

  • Project management and ineffective use of time
  • Most of the time - too sociable
  • There is only a pocket of motivation  per project.get motivated easily and get really into whatever I'm doing but than get bored of a project  - don't like coming back. Never did.
  • Try to get a placement in Snask, if not at least have fun and get to know them by sending out mail.
  • Create a BIG (budget of ~200) installation! (already have an idea)
  • Learn webdesign and buy a domain name so no one could nick it! 
  • Get a mac! 
  • I wish that people could understand the power of the mind and learn to use it to motivate themselves, to do what they want to do in life and just be happy.
  • I wish motivation would always stay and never go away.
  • I wish i could travel around the world. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012


1. Why I have chosen this brief?
2. What is it you want to get from it?
3. What do you want to make/do?
4. Why do You want to enter it?

5. What is the problem?
6. What is it asking you to do about it?
7. What is it trying to achieve?
8.  What are the 10 most important words on the brief?

9. What is the message? (5 statements)
10. Who is the audience? (5 people)
11. What is the context? (5 places)
12. What products are asociated with it? (5 products)

13.What do you HAVE to do?
14. What you NEED to do?
15. What can you do? (I would rephrase into what can't you do? and why?)
16. What hasn't been done before?

17.What do you already know?
18. What do you need to find out?
19. What is stopping you?


1.Professional execution
2. Originality
3. Effective communication
4. Meet the brief
5. Meet submission guidlines
6. Mind blowing visuals
7. Question the brief (break)
8. Quality of presentation (professional execution?)
9. Informed decissions
10. Contextualisation
11. Understanding your audience
12. Meet the deadline

Tuesday, 6 November 2012



1. Identify 5 studios/companies which you consider potentially synergistic to your personally. Write a short explanatory paragraph and reasons for each. 

  • SERIAL CUT. Tho the company is classed as image makers and they focus more on art direction but still they are a full-on working creative community which include design, photography, motion graphics and 3D design. I've been following them for quite a while  and I think one of the main reasons is that I really like the use of bright colours, of course the amazing installation work they do and  the happy feel you get after looking at their work. It's also very well crafted and highly professional (did u see the quality of the finals? mind-blowing). You can feel that they really work hard and love what they do. 
  • SNASK. (Only now I reaised that probably I like agencies that use serif typefaces for their logos). We were introduced to Snask trough John (THANK YOU) and I remember the first time I saw them on Johns computer on 'Creative Mornings' - I thought wow, so design is not just about being serious, thank GOD! I really like their playful attitude towards design and LIFE in general. I just recently finished their book and actually felt sad that it finished. I find Snask philosophy very intriguing - YES. I'm all up for hard work and having dreams and challenging yourself! But why not do it in a more FUN way?? After all it's a creative job! Not only I really like their attitude and way of life but I LOVE their 3D installations!!! And again I find myself facinated by good choice of colours, fun and chalanging and of course professional display and TYPE! Loads of HYPES for Snask!!! SNASSKYY :} (and I like Pink lies as well)
  • KOKOKAKA. Another great design studio introduced to me by John. (situated in Sweeden as well as Snask. Amazing!) Kokokaka is a really innovative and more digital design agency. They focuse  digital artwork (such as websites, videos and so on.) But they have this really innovative and as you can see (we just started learning web) ground breaking rules approach. Which I'm UP FOR! You learn rules so just you could break them! They feel like a really fun and hard working studio which is (now after the third studio, I can proudly say) one of the most important qualities in a creative studio! Hard work - no fun is just not for me. I need to be exited about things than I can do them well and no matter how much time it would take - as long as I'm HYPE - I CAN DO ANYTHING! So I think Kokokaka has just that kind of attitude: Creative, innovative and rule-breaking 
  • Sagmeister&Walsh inc. I heard about them from David and he was looking into Sagmeisters work all last year and I started looking into it as well. I have a hate and love relationship with their work. But one thing I do know that as a studio they are really experimental and challenging which I think is an amazing thing! It feels that if you go to a studio and they give you creative freedom - the work that is produced just has that special touch to it! It has an emotional bind! 
  • Julien Vallee Motion & Design. One of my MOST favorite installations were made by this studio!!! I think his work is really professional and colourful (YES! I LOVE COLOUR!) and innovative! The other thing I like that it's really HANDS ON! I love that craft side of the work and how you can still sell it and produce it as high professional graphics.
2. Identify the top choice and WHY you feel that they might have synergy with your practice  now or in the near future?
  • It's SOOOO hard to choose ONE!!! Can I go for them all? (guess will need to choose one for now). I'll choose Snask for now! (Just finished reading their book and I do agree am absolutely obsessed about them right now, everyone started hating this already in the studio, or maybe just hate me talking about them so much). First of all! I AIM FOR THE IMPOSSIBLE! Probably going to give them quite a hard time by always aiming high! Hope to bring my energy! Everywhere I'll go I'll bring my energy and not many people can actually deal with it in day to day basis - I think they could cuz they seem very energetic. Could be the 'refresher' after a hangover (I never get them anyways and don't drink anymore). Design wise if I work for people I like with the project I LOVE for clients that I treat like family, so much good energy has the potential to absolutely ROCK the project! To me it's as important what kind of people I work with! As Snask so do I share the love of installations and motion!!! I'm a hard worker and like to put extra hours into whatever I'm doing! So hopefully at teh end of the year I'll have what it takes to do it SNASK way! 
3. Is Your choice based on:

Direction of Practice
The brand philosophy
Client base?
  • I think all of them together (except the location, I know I know Stockholm is amazing and beautiful, but SO COLD!!!! I don't like COLD. I like SUN). Of course the most important one has to be the brand philosophy, followed by direction of practice!

4. What if none of those is YOUR  main reason for choosing to follow this organization, what is it spacificaly?
  •  Pink lies.
    That and I like living my life not just closed in an office doing graphics. I want to go places! See people, meet people and have fun on the way. As Snask said: 'We spend so much time working why not have fun while doing it?'.
5. When considering these practices:
Please consider:

WHO they are and Who are You?
WHY are you contacting them and why they should listen?
WHAT do you want them to do next and what do you actually want?
WHY should they get back to you?
  •  They are Snask and I'm Greta. They are interesting, exiting and innovative. I'm hyperactive, passionate and like reaching for the impossible. They produce high quality, well-thought trough ideas and hands-on design. I still haven't found my niche (getting there), can make any boring project into something interesting (it's all state of mind) and LOVE installations!!!!!!
  • Because they don't know (yet) what's coming for them! If not do a placement at least get in contact with them for future collaborations. And have a fun project whiles doing that.
  • I want them to have fun and enjoy until the time is right than just take me on board for a internship.
  • Because hopefully they will be intrigued
6. Now you have identified these studios you feel synergy with. Please list 8 methods you could utilize to contact them?
  • A typographic sculpture - trough post
  • A game/puzzle - trough post
  • An animation - trough mail
  • An installation - trough post
  • Motion graphics - trough post
  • A postcard every month
  • A white pigeon with an attached message

Friday, 2 November 2012


Last week I bought the SNASK book 'Make Enemies & Gain Fans (actually it happened by accident, cuz Mike started moaning how he ordered his ages ago and it still hasn't been delivered, so I checked it out and decided that I need to start investing into books) and I can tell you (I'm half way trough it) but it must be one of the MOST INTERESTING TO READ design books I have ever read. And really motivational and inspiring! I really want to do a placement there, the only problem is I'm still not as good, but now I feel that i know what I need to focus on and develop! I'm not ready yet for you SNASK but I will be and I really wanna BE!!!

So the second purchase just after I ordered the Snask book was 'Life's a Pitch' by S. Bayley & R. Mavity recommended by both David and Fred. Still haven't started reading it, but hopping it to be good from what I heard.

And literally  5 minutes ago I ordered 'ExtraBold' by Serial-Cut (one of my absolute favorite design studios). I'm really exited and glad I decided to quite drinking because I wouldn't have had the money to buy this book. And not only that it's an amazing design studios book, but the book itself has really interesting features to offer. IT'S NOT JUST A BOOK. (check out the video and you'll see what I mean! I think design-wise It's amazing and really innovative!) The only problem is that i don't have a smart phone -                                                                                                       very smart of me...

"ExtraBold." Augmented Reality from Serial Cut™ on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Brief Collect, catagorise and reflect on a body of investigative research, creative references and responses to set tasks in the form of your PPP blog. You should make regular posts to your blog that demonstrate an increasingly individual/independent exploration of Graphic Design, the broader creative industries and general visual culture. You should use this brief as a starting point for the development of an increasingly informed understanding of the nature of contemporary graphic design practice and its role in our local, national and international culture

You will need to maintain an ongoing evaluation of your individual progress in Level 05 of the programme by regularly reflecting on what you have learned, how you have developed and how this relates to your own creative ambitions. As part of this process you should post copies of each End of Module Self-evaluation to your blog in order to maintain an ongoing recorded of your reflective skills and analytical responses to your own development.

StudyTasks will be set and you will need to record your responses to them but you should use them as a starting point for your own independent research activities

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Identify and explain 5 reasons why you chose 

to study on this programme:

#1 Has an excellent reputation that the tutors and the students helped develop.

#2 Small year intake. You get to know all the people in the course and other years.

#3 Intense work load. You get to learn how to manage your time and your projects and you get more than one task per week sometimes even per day.  

#4 Friendly and helpful staff. Easier to learn to use college equipment (I'm usually scared of machinery.)

#5  Professional studio environment. I work better if I have a professional work environment. Devoted studio space.

#6 Devoted tutors make the students more devoted to the course. It is what it is. 

Identify and explain 5 things that you want to

learn during your time on the programme:

#1 I want to learn motion and kinetic type, because I think they are really useful and may be some times more effective than paper based designs.   

#2 Learn about web design and all programming stuff (that I have no clue about, going to be a hard module) because that one is definitely useful in the 21st century design community. 

#3 Get better at the software we use and learn about other possible design software out there so I would be well informed and well skilled so I would feel more confident when talking to other professionals or making my designs look more professional. 

#4 Learn what are the best ways to promote myself, if you're name is not out there so what the hell have you been doing? How people are going to find you if you're not going to help them find you?

#5 Learn communication skills that will help me get placements and arrange studio visits. 

#6 Be more professional and figure out what makes me happy regarding design that's just one of the lives goels, isn't it? To be happy in what You are doing. 

#7 Do more collaborations outside college, creating you're own creative network might be good if one day I decide to be an Art Director. 

#8 Say NO to friends that ask me to do free designs for them, wasting a lot of precious time. 

Identify and explain 5 skills that you think are

your strengths:

#1 3D thinking (better at creating something that is non paper format, like installations)

#2 Organisation skills. Getting stuff arranged and getting everyone together.

#3 Planning time and project management. List making- OH YES! Notebooks are covered in to do lists or time management tables. (I wish it would be a s easy sticking to them)  

#4 Layout (apparently, Nigel said my layout are really neat and clean, which I think is good, never knew that before)

#5 Presentations skills (not as afraid to do presentations, have no language barrier anymore)

#6 Fast learner (noticed that this year, well at least I think I'm quite fast at learning. Don't really have anyone else to compare with, so.... subjective)

Identify and explain 5 things that you want to 


#1 Communication skills with clients and design community so I would be able to feel free and well informed about design principles and terminology and can convert my ideas not only visually but verbally as well. 

#2 Learn to keep my designs constant throughout a brief, used to have a lot of problems with it. This year i will focus on series and the range of products so they would start to look more and more professional. 

#3 Blogging and appearance of my blog, look at it, it's terrible. Already behind a weeks blogging. So need to change that. 

#4 Make my bossy side of me WORK for the best of everyone, will try to be more initiative and maybe put my best foot forward on trying to make people in my group actually work as a group not as separate people. 

#5 Be more approachable to others, smile and talk to people! It helps to find new contacts that might be really useful and interesting in the future collaborative work and I'm not only talking about creative people, but people that might know project organising, or finance, or  techniques.   

#6 Stress less before the deadlines or crits. Less stress - more productivity  and less stress for others as well. Don't be selfish, we are all in this together and all equally work loads.  

#7 NEVER DO WORK A NIGHT BEFORE DEADLINE. NEVER EVER EVER EVER. (already did two all-nighters) Just not good for my health.  

#8 Stick to my well planed plans and to do lists. THE BEST WAY TO GO! 

#9 Do more stuff outside college. Contests and collaborative work and maybe get your work featured somewhere. 

Identify and explain 5 ways that you will

evaluate your progress:

#1 Blogging and sharing work online and gathering comments

#2 Getting feedback from my course mates and other year graphic design students

#3 Feedback from professionals and tutors

#4 Daily Self-eveluations 

#5 Crits and tutorials

Identify 5 questions that you want to find the 

answer to:

#1 What work is worth sharing online?

#2 How to get a placement and arrange studio visits?

#3 What is a good portfolio?

#4 How to improve my time management skills outside college?

#5 How to manage my work and study time?

#6 Will I be able to run in the morning everyday?

#7 How to not be over-worked and stay happy?

#8 How to make my work look more professional?

#9 What is an Art Director and can a Graphic Designer become one of them?

Identify and explain 5 things that inspire you:

#1 Running

Robert Garside, calling himself The Runningman, is a British runner who is credited by Guinness World Records as the first person to run around the world. Garside began his record-setting run following several aborted attempts from Cape Town, South Africa and London, England. Garside set off from New Delhi, India on 20 October 1997, completing his run back at the same point on 13 June 2003. While his run was challenged by some ultra distance runners and some members of the press, Guinness World Records, who spent several years evaluating evidence, declared it authentic and the record was officially bestowed on Garside on 27 March 2007 at a ceremony in Piccadilly Circus, London, England.

#2 People that are non-ordinary (but than everyone is extra ordinary) and aim to achieve interesting goals in life. People like that are strong and have a strong mind, that's what inspires me. WILL! 

#3 Good people that devote their lives for one purpose that to them is the right one. Devotion is an amazing and powerful force. 

#4 People that don't give up no matter what. Stories about people that reached the bottom and than stood up and started again. Loads of non-sence happens in life, but it doesn't mean You need to quit, like-wise. FIGHT!

#5 Music and concerts (starting my musical education again around leeds, going to a hot chip concert October 9th.) Just need to get out of graphic design environment a little. 

#6 David because he can do whatever he sets his mind to. (Wish he would start cleaning after himself tho)

#7 TRAVELING (which I haven't done for a while) because it's one of the biggest joys in life. Seeing new places, meeting new people and getting to know different cultures. 

#8 Not wanting to go back home to Lithuania without achieving great things before - loads of people count on me or expect big things from me (back there in lithuania) THE PRESSURE IS ON! 

#9 Family, because they gave me so much and I want to prove them that i can do this and they can be proud of me. 

#10 Other brilliant designers and designs. Clever designs or dimensional  designs really inspire me. 


#12 Luke, my friend in london he recently did an amazing installation in covent garden proving that HARD work does bring good luck.  

Identify 10 examples of design that illustrate

your fields of creative interest:

1. House Industries."Girard Blocks","Nativity"

2. SNASK. 


Stockholm´s meatpackaging district has been the heart of the city’s food supply for over 100 years. In 2012 Stockholm city decided to document its history through creating an elegant book about one of the most important areas of the city. Snask was hand-picked to the project by the PR-agency JMW and the publishing house Informationsförlaget and asked to create a book that would push the limits of beautiful design.
Together with JMW & Informationsförlaget, we set out to create a new category of books: the meat-table-book. A conversation-starter packed with intriguing photos, butcher´s anecdotes, Swedish traditional food recipes and never-before-seen archive material from the city museum. We named the book ”Meat & Blood” (sv. “Kött & blod”) to make it eye-catching in the shelves. Design was inspired by the areas arcitechture , such as white dirty tiles, meat hooks and blood. Passing the area on the subway, people get aware and recognise it by its 25x5m neon sign at the entrance. So when choosing how to make the book cover, we saw no other choice than to build the title typography as a neon sign. All in all we´ve been in-charge of book design, editorial design and art direction.
Stockholm city is very proud and super happy of their new book. 192 pages of mind-blowing meat-stories and a neon sign that the meat packaging district, Stockholm city and the publisher is fighting over to put on their wall.

3. 123buero. 


5. UK-based Joseph Egan is a student at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, and for his final project he created this amazing anamorphic type installations: the pieces align properly only when you look at it from a very specific angle.

6. This super creative typography installation, created by Bangkok-based design studio FARMGROUP, is made entirely from colorful drinking straws. It’s both mind-blowing in its execution and fabrication. Can you imagine sticking all those straws together?
Christmas & New Year decoration for Siam Center. We created hanging installation made by used drinking straws–these colourful plastic tubes act as the building blocks of larger shapes and words, which will bring the spirit of the Christmas season into this 3 dimensional installation. This installation tried to emphasize the idea that nearly anything has a second life and can be reused.

7. Serial-cut Design Studios. 

What could a dude do in his free time? Digging more, visit a rock concert, enjoy barbecue at the beach or go snowboarding, among other activities. Photographer: Paloma Rincón. AD agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA. Production: The Mushroom Company. Reps: Berstein&Andriulli NY.

Technology giant IBM is has lately being been involved in supporting sports promotion. This ad bends shapes the world of tennis, soccer and rugby with some technical and computer-like props to build in the forging of the claim, "Data is a game Changer". Designer: Jimmy Andersson.

For almost 20 years, Goa has been the best monthly Sunday party in Madrid. An outstanding selective international music program and excessive attention to every last detail has been the secret to becoming its being a classic and a reference point. The last rebranding and visual work defined the different themes of each party: Celebrities, Apocalypse, Super Goa, Madriz, Like a Virgin, Naked and Rockstar. Photography & styling: Bartholot.
8. Advertising studio Doyle Partners created these amazing adhesive tape installations for a New York Times article entitled “What if the Secret To Success Is Failure?”. In these supplemental illustrations, they point out universal character traits inherent in two NYC schools. Stylistically, it’s pretty much what Joseph Egan and Hunter Thompson did with their Anamorphic Type project, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. Please check out the Doyle Partners website for more of this series, as well as some great behind-the-scenes images, and more of their work. Below is are some making-of videos to help you contextualize how insane this stuff is.

9. Danny Sangra ( all time favourite)

10. “Flower Power your room. Ambi Pur.”

Ambient for Ambi Pur brand air freshener.
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt Matt/Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Director: Armin Jochum, Fabian Frese
Art Director: Nicole Grözinger
Copywriter: Oliver Flohrs
Photographer: Attila Hartwig