Wednesday, 16 October 2013

There will be unicorns.Thomas Burden

by looking at linkedin I discovered this studio apparantly it's a one mans band. The name was the first hook.

When I first checked it out I was astonished by the color and playfulness and the 3d skills that this person had so I decided to write a fan e-mail to Thomas Burden who was the one that ran the studio. 

"Since graduating, to (my own) rapturous applause, from Camberwell College of Art's Graphic Design BA in 2007, I have mixed a freelance career with longer, full-time stints as a senior designer at leading design studios McfaulStudio and I Love Dust. I've been lucky enough to have my range of illustrative styles grace everything from book covers, ad campaigns and magazine editorials to packaging, animations, websites, stage visuals, building projections and the entire exterior of a Beirut shopping mall (true story) for clients Nike, Pathe, Greenpeace, Wall St Journal, Washington Post, The Guardian, UPS, Empire, Macy's, Faber & Faber, Penguin and pretty much every ad agency under the sun. I'm represented for my illustration work by the good folk of Handsome Frank"

I was really pleased when we managed to have a small discussion about graduating and graphic design. Most importantly I have learned one thing tho some of the methods of being professional do help but you don't need to present yourself in a "shablon". There is no wrong or right way of doing things or writing to people. The best advice that I got from T.Burden was:

" ' Graphic Design' was used by my tutors as a very vague term that covered anything creative and conceptual, when in reality most 'graphic designers' do exactly that - branding, web and print design. So it depends what you want to do as a career, if you're not a typography and layout geek, then that stuff probably isn't for you anyway. There's loads of other options career wise. Strong ideas, presented simply will always stand out best though I think. Don't over complicate stuff, that's probably my best advise for getting noticed. Whatever you want to do, you'll need to present your work in a professional and concise way."

I am going to take this advice further and from now on build up my own way to approach people, studios or clients. Work hard, be passionate, present yourself well and see what comes from it.