Tuesday, 24 December 2013


A conversation that first evolved from just hearing about them to reading their amazing book "Make enemies & Gain fans" that I probably talked more about than any other design book that I have ever read. As even till no it remains just as described in my first ever conversation with Snask.

"A FRESH and REVOLUTIONARY take on design (and life)  and a good-read these are  the first things that come to mind after reading this amazing book 'Make Enemies and Gain Fans'. I would say that SNASK have crazy (good) attitude and a will of a thousand Greek men fighting against the Gods for their place on earth. I'm a graphic design student and so it is that we 'read' a lot of design books, but trough two years of 'studying' graphic design I have never discovered anything like this book. I'm glad that that one Autumn day in a small town called Leeds my tutor John Watters and course mate Mike Williams had that discussion about this book and got me into this SNASK'iness. While reading this book I started annoying (in a good way) everyone in the studio about challenging yourself, taking risks, doing what you enjoy and 'pink lies'. One day I even came in wearing PINK just to bring a little bit happiness/positiveness into the studio (so it happens that there were two other girls wearing pink sweaters that day, happy accidents). For all the student that are still looking for a place under the sun I would suggest reading this book. If the 'typical' story line is NOT your cup of tea you might find some inspiration, positiveness and encouragement in this journey of Snask. You also get a peak into the 'behind the scenes' which answers  the BIG question 'So HOW did THEY make it?'. When you put the book down after reading the last chapter you'll find yourself craving for more SNASK (yum). It's like a good romance story about Romeo and Juliet, just Snask and Design without the sad ending."

My first ever interaction with a design studio has never been as 
successful. I am very happy that Snask are and will always be my beloved branding & film agency. They definitely know how not only to create and challenge the norm BUT how to show love. This time as always the Christmas special that has become an annual thing now.

So I packed up many many different sweet and sprayed all the sour stuff in white. I'm not sure how much I spent on all the stuff all together but I would just like to make a statement here. I realized that I do not mind spending on projects even if it washes out my savings account. It's an investment from me to my projects and I guess to my future.So I do not regret not even one pound spent :} 

After I went into the AV room and Matt Burton gladly helped me with setting up and syncing  the high speed camera which all the smashing was filmed. Then I made a quick and (admiringly) rushed soundtrack yet again made it till the deadline and are happy to share the final result:

Round Two: SWEET CHRISTMAS from GretaMadline on Vimeo.

It was received well by Snask:

 I now always send these links to Fredrik and he always gives me the best feedback that I had trough my 3 years in LCA:
me: https://vimeo.com/82618006 <--- it's rainig candy on christmas eve!
Fredrik: Amazing Greta!! You blew our minds! Have a wonderful Christmas and a truly ground shaking new year!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Statement of Intent