Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Identifying my strenghts. Team work

1. Let's face it. I am pretty good with people except the ones I don't get along with (see what I did there?) Collaborating with people comes very naturally to me and I enjoy it SO much.  I do have shared my fair due with trying to understand/please/hate/relate and all other human relationship problems and miss-communications. BUT once it comes to talking about ideas and art - I'm on the same page. I rarely get people trying to stop a project or are un-motivated to do work whiles I'm working with them. I cab obly be happy about this gift or trained skill?

2. Identifying other peoples strengths. I read somewhere that choosing the right people for the right job will just make the process 10 times easier and more enjoyable, not only that it will make the result 10 better. Realizing your faults is as essential so you can get the right people working in a team.

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