Friday, 31 May 2013


Creative director: Greta Madline
Production manager, typographer and co-director: Michael Williams

These are only few shots from part 2 that are going to be used for my creative CV.

'Shit I don't need' project. This is the unfinished project yet. But the initial idea was to collect un-needed stuff  create an alphabet from which later n to create typographic posters in the theme that 'Everything looks gold but not everything is', 'One man's garbage is another's treasure', 'Shit You don't need' and so on. I was quite exited about the project and working with Mike was so much fun, we hang out a lot but we have never done a project together. And he said he enjoyed it so did I. I will need to go on Monday and pick up all the stuff I left in the photography studios. Event the tutors there got very exited about the project. We got so much help from the Marcus and Paul - it's amazing and I feel so comfortable doing stuff like this. I think I will continue on exploring this type of graphics and see how I can adopt it for college purposes. 

I will be using thsi week to produce the final's we have a stop motion, few videos to go with the project, I still want to do some interviews and put a video together and explore it trough different media. We might have few exhibitions of this. One in Mrs Atha's and one in this Art festival. So very exited and can't wait for the other idea to hit, oh wait it already did. I already know my next installation!

We did Lithuanian letters as well so we can expand to our idea to another country. 

Thursday, 30 May 2013


I decided to listen to what other people have to say about me and let them lead my branding. This year I've got a person that draw this image and trough talking to him I influenced him to make changes. I have only met Jurgis Tamulis once and it was enough for him to remember me. This year I discovered as well that if You want creative freedom - You need to give creative freedom to others. I also learned the importance of working with other creatives, that's why in a way I wanted my business cards created by others. So this is how it looks:

For now this is the only thing I am going to do, these cards are going to be produced (each individually) after the deadline, because I want to emboss the image and dip die the paper in blue colour. I am really exited that I'm going toi be making rthem and hope they come out great, because than I can start giving them away.

I have been working on a concept for my send out packs and I have an idea in mind which I'm going to produce later on as well. Just to see reactions of companies. I am going to do them based around idea that a lot of people get their placements trough contacts and trough family and I think that way the industry is missing out on some really amazing talent. So I'm doing typographic mail out of  'Sorry, my aunt doesn't work in creative advertising but could I still get a chance'.

About the website I decided I have no need to create one right now because I started sharing my work on behance and I think that might be the right platform for now. I don't really know what kind of designer I am right now or where my creative practice might lead to so I don't want to create a website that I will never use.