Sunday, 18 May 2014

Re branding the re brand. Self promotional an my pour hands.

Not too sure why would anyone do this to themselves but a week before the deadline I decided to make my mock-up new business card a reality:

I did needed to though as the old ones went out of date with my website being live and having a e-mail that actually has my name as the ending which makes me look all professional and such. It had to be done.

I also had a new concept of the cards. this time they would be double sided and have a catch up line for each different type of people I meet:

- the potential client
- the future collaboration
- the industry professionals
- the passing model

I experimented with color in order to choose the right one as printed color looks different from on screen.

Documented the whole process trough photographic images as I find it easier that way to tell a story.

I hand cut every single one of my business cards

Met a very nice Foundation student specialising in graphic design. Had lovely conversation about the future plans and stuff.

And the final amount of my cards. Every single one of them is special as every single person that gets one.

Was thinking to do the final images in the studio but then the day in the park was so nice I decided to just do it in the central park in the city centre.

I used nano flake ink to get a spot varnish look.

used heat reactive ink to create the excitement and to be fare just to try it out at it does no damage to the final design.

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